Sampling & Designing

– We are committed to listening and responding to the need of our customers, associates and business partners to honoring their individual value.

– We ensure the highest levels of customers satisfaction offering the best quality and cost.

– To protect the environment and maintain environmental consciousness among staff, supplier and public.

– We fulfill our obligations to the community and always act in a socialy responsible manner.



Knitting our fabric in our own knitting facility.

Qualified in knitting and developing all kind of knit fabrics



Mobile Cutting Machine

Cutting capacity of 30.000 pcs/day.

750.000 pcs. capacity per month with 45 employees.



250.00 pcs. inhouse production capacity per month with 250 employees.

500.000 pcs. Subcontracting production capacity per month.

Quality Control

Quality control and inspection with a team of quality insurance persons.

30% before dying and 100% before cutting fabric inspections with fabric specialists.

100% quality control before packing with a team of quality insurance persons.



150.000 pcs. Inhouse ironing capacity per month.

600.000 pcs. Subcontracting ironing capacity per month.



150.000 pcs. inhouse packing capacity per month with 60 employees (including ironing)

600.000 pcs. subcontracting ironing capacity per month.